Gear Review – Ted Klum London 8*

In May, I dropped my Sebastian Knox mouthpiece. As soon as it hit the floor in my office, I knew the tip had broken. I had played that mouthpiece for a couple of years in every situation, and although I…


Ronnie Cuber – My Gateway Into Bari Sax Listening

“Do you know that bari song?”

Nearly every baritone saxophonist has been asked that question. The song in question is Ronnie Cuber’s intro to the Mingus Big Band’s version of “Moanin'”.

It’s an iconic statement in the baritone saxophone solo…


So I Made The Switch…What Next?

I had many moments of doubt in my first year of being a baritone saxophonist. I was really concerned with keeping work, booking new gigs, what people thought of my switch, and most importantly, how I sounded.

It took me…


How I Became A Baritone Saxophonist

I remember my first really great experience playing the baritone saxophone. It was in Elora, Ontario on a New Years gig with a jazz trio. I remember saying to the band, “I think that I could play this horn full…