Richard is an in-demand woodwind educator, who is well versed in many different styles of music. Richard's objective as an educator is to help his students achieve their goals. He has had many students attend the top universities in both jazz, and classical programs, achieve Gold Medal standing with the Royal Conservatory, and even start their own bands who now are starting to perform publicly.


Here is some information about Richard's teaching concept. 

"My teaching concept (which is the same concept I use in my own playing) revolves around efficiency. If I have to think about playing my instrument, I’m probably not making music, and ultimately, not having a great time. Also, when a student comes to me, I tend to break down embouchure and air issues right away. Sound is the foundation of music, and if we can get to a point where the sound is consistently open and in tune, it will make our lives’ easier doing everything else on our instruments. 

I will assign studies from a method book, and I let my students pick their songs. I find that when a student plays music that they love, they dig into the lesson material, and stay interested in all elements of their instrument." 

In-person lessons are available at Alcorn Music Studios. Online lessons are available. 

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