Ease The Tension! I Love The Rulon Rest!

I started using the Rulon Rest in January of this year (2023), and it’s one of the best pieces of equipment that I’ve ever used!

Over the last year, ergonomics have become increasingly more important to me.

I started experimenting with risers on my saxophone (detailed here), while I was working on the Glazunov Saxophone Concerto. There were sections of the concerto that I was having trouble executing, and after checking out another horn with custom risers, I decided that I needed to make my own. After completing that project, I noticed that playing with efficient technique was far easier, and then I saw the Rulon Rest.

I have been incredibly fortunate to be a KeyLeaves artist since 2018, and watched Rulon introduce so many amazing products to the woodwind world. I started out with the wooden “test” version of the new rest, and almost immediately order the plastic versions (which I use on all of my saxophones).

I really love the way that my hand sits behind the saxophone, and my thumb isn’t jammed underneath the thumb hook (my hands are large, and it’s always been uncomfortable for me), and from a playing perspective, my fingers are quicker, because there’s no excess tension on my wrist or thumb from being forced to an angle that’s less that ideal. I’ve also found that I don’t go through any muscle fatigue in my hands, wrists, and forearms – more practicing! I never had much discomfort when it came to endurance on the saxophone, but any that I had experienced is now a non-issue.

The only change that I’ve made is on the soprano, where I use a neckstrap (before I didn’t), for extra security, and I’m happy with how that horn feels too!

The Rulon Rest has made a huge difference in my day-to-day saxophone playing, and I’m really happy to have added it to all of my saxophones.

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